Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

1. How can I contact Seller Support?

You can always contact Seller Support 24/7 via e-mail on

2. Which fees will I have to pay to sell my products on Qonooz?

Below are all fees & commissions that applies per item sale. You will always pay when your item sells.

Seller Fees Rate
Selling Closing Fee – Per Product/Sale 4 AED
Starting Commission Rate – Per Product Category/Sale 4.0%
Withdrawal Fees – Per Request 4 AED
Rates are subject to change from time to time.

For a full list of seller fees, click here.

3. Which documents should I submit to open my store on Qonooz? 

The following documents are required before you start selling on Qonooz.

  • Trade License or Commercial Registration
  • TAX Registration Certificate (If Registered)

Companies that aren’t VAT registered

In addition to the above documents, sellers whose companies aren’t VAT registered should fill-in the below declaration of VAT non-enrollment and affix it with seal and signature by the authorized signatory of the business.

VAT Unregistered Declaration Template

 4. How long will it take to activate my store?

It takes 24 hours to validate your store after submitting all the required documents. The Seller Support team will be working to prepare your Seller Hub Dashboard. Once approved, your store will be live & ready to list your products.

5. What should I do after my store is activated?

Contact Seller Support to book a training session that will help you fully understand the selling process and master the use of the Seller Hub.

6. When will I be paid for a sale made on Qonooz?

Payments are processed on withdrawal requests.

Payments are transferred to your bank account automatically on periodic basis every 2 weeks on Monday.

The following information is required to transfer your payment to your bank account. You should have an AED Bank account issued in UAE. Bank accounts issued outside of the UAE or those with a different currency other than AED are not eligible for payments therefore you are required to contact Seller Support before you create your account to determine eligibility.

  • Account name
  • Bank account number
  • IBAN
  • Swift code
  • Bank branch

Note: You must maintain a minimum balance of 100 AED for your orders to be included in the payment cycle.

7. What is Seller Hub?

Seller hub is our Qonooz’s in-house interface which helps you sell your products and manage your store on Qonooz. Simply log-in normally to your account & you will be redirected to your Seller Hub. Its that easy!

8. Will I be liable to pay VAT to the government?

Sellers are liable to pay the VAT to the government. Qonooz raises legal tax invoices to customers on the seller’s behalf which can be downloaded from the Seller Hub.  

9. Are Qonooz Fees & Commissions inclusive of VAT?

No, Qonooz fees are exclusive of VAT. 

10. How can I change the SKU, name, or product description? 

You can change your SKU, Name & Product description all within your reach from the Seller Hub. Simply put in your changes & submit it for a review. It will take up to 24 hours to be processed.

11. How can I change my store name or update my company/contact details?

You can update your details by sending your request to Seller Support at

12. What does Uncategorized/Other Categories mean on the Categories column?

Sellers should choose their appropriate category when listing their products. If non is found, they should select uncategorized & submit for a review. Qonooz Seller Support will determine the eligibility of your listings & provide you with a feedback on it.

13. Why is my product not live on Qonooz?

Click on the products tab, then check the status of your listings whether its draft, or pending review. Qonooz Seller Support needs to check that your listing is appropriate & within their content management requirements.

If all the requirements are satisfied, and your product is still pending review, reach out to Seller Support for assistance.

14. Do i require a minimum number of products to start selling?

You only need one product listing to start selling on Qonooz.

15. What happens if my order gets returned or cancelled?

For each cancelled, undelivered, or returned order, Qonooz will retain the product for future sale as an FBQ inventory. If you would like to return the product, simply contact Seller Support & the item will be dispatched to you within 48-72 hours.

16. What is the Payments Tab in my Seller Hub account?

The payments tab is where you can see your payments. Make sure that you have linked your Bank Account Details with your Online Account.

17. Who decides prices of my products?

Prices for all your products are specified by you.

All prices can be edited at any time, except on orders that were already placed by a customer.

18. How can i price my products & should prices be inclusive of VAT?

Prices are totally within your control, you can assign competitive prices to your products and modify them at any time, and the changes will reflect immediately on Qonooz website.

You should always price your products inclusive of 5% VAT. The system will automatically calculate the VAT based on that.

19. What happens if I changed my contact details?

In the event that you change your contact details or your company details, you are required to contact Qonooz Seller Support for the same. Any change to the company structure shall also be notified to Qonooz. VAT Certificates should also be kept up-to-date with any changes that may occur from time to time. Sellers who don’t update their contact details will not receive payments to their bank accounts.

20. What is the maximum dimension and weight of the items to be picked and shipped by Qonooz?

Qonooz will be processing items with the following weight and dimensions:

  • Below 25 kgs and the dimensions not above 120cm x 50cm x 50cm
  • For TVs, Qonooz can fulfill up to maximum dimensions of 65 Inches.

If any item is found over these dimensions, Qonooz shall charge a Weight Handling Fee.

21. Who will be responsible for issuing Tax Invoice to the customer?

Qonooz will take care of issuing tax invoices to your customers. In case sellers like to issue their own tax invoices to their customers, they are required to contact Seller Support.

22. Can i sell on Qonooz without a Trade License?

Those who don’t have a trade license are required to contact seller support for eligibility. There are certain categories of sellers whom we can help them sell their products. If found eligible, Seller Support Team will create a seller account for you on your behalf.

23. Can i sell used or new items?

Yes, Qonooz allows both new, refurbished, or used items to be sold.

24. Is there any marketing campaigns to promote my products online?

Yes, Qonooz can help you promote your products directly on the website through banners, brand store, events, and social media. Reach out to Seller Support for more details.

25. Can you take pictures for my products?

Yes, we have our own in-house & on-demand photography service. You may simply request a photographer directly from your Seller Hub Dashboard.

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