Blackview Hero 10 Flip 6.9-inch AMOLED Foldable Screen MediaTek Helio G99 12GB+256GB 108MP Camera 4G Smartphone, Black

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✔Foldable 6.9-inch 2.5K AMOLED Display & Smart Cover Screen
✔Waterdrop Hinge, Durable after 250000 folds
✔108MP Samsung® ISOCELL HM6 Camera
✔4000mAh Battery + 45W Fast Charging

Color: Black
  • Blackview Hero 10 Flip 6.9-inch AMOLED Foldable Screen MediaTek Helio G99 12GB+256GB 108MP Camera 4G Smartphone, Black
  • Blackview Hero 10 Flip 6.9-inch AMOLED Foldable Screen MediaTek Helio G99 12GB+256GB 108MP Camera 4G Smartphone, Black
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AED 2,799.00 AED 2,799.00

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Blackview HERO 10

Fantastic Fold Style,
Explore Fold World Beyond.

Folding, Dual-screen Lifestyle with 108MP
Photography & Dynamic Live View

Flipped to Tug at Your Heartstrings
Pocket Perfect. Palm Perfect.

Light. Slight. Every Flip

Designed to Delight.

Covered with a slim layer of vegan leather on the back and with aerospace-grade aluminum-alloy frames crafted with refined texture, HERO 10 not only provides every touch with a soft tactile sensation but also showcases grace with every flip.

Double-ring Design

Aluminium-alloy frames with matte finish

Premium Leather-feel Comfort

Anti-fouling & Anti-abrasive

Flipped open, HERO 10 sits slim in the palm, measuring only 198g light and 8.08mm thin.

Flipped close, HERO 10 is as compact as to fit perfectly into a pocket and to be gripped in the hand.

Every Shade to Impress

Why Choose Blackview HERO 10?
No. 1

A New Foldable, Dual-screen Lifestyle

6.9-inch Foldable AMOLED Display & Versatile Smart Cover Screen

No. 2

Enjoy a Novel New Foldable Flex-form Shooting Experience

More Angles to Create, 108MP Details with ArcSoft

No. 3

DokeOS 4.0 Now With Dynamic Live View & Foldable Gene

Seamless Everyday Routine with DokeOS 4.0

No. 4

6nm Powerful Performance On Par with 5G Level

Completed by 6nm G99 SoC & Up to 36GB RAM

No. 5

Dual-cell Battery in Foldable Flawlessness

Super Long-lasting 4000mAh Coupled with 45W Supercharge

A New Foldable,
Dual-screen Life

Bend over for More Fun.

Unfold, Bend, Go Bold On Your Digital Adventure

6.9-inch Folding AMOLED Display with 2.5K Details Where Everything Just Springs Up

6.9-inch AMOLED Display

Unfolded. Vision Exploded.

Enjoy a cascade of stunning visuals flowing like ever before as you unfold HERO 10. -With 2.5K resolution,the 6.9-inch AMOLED vast display has a PPI of 443 , restoring every detail in vibrant colors and sharp details.

Step into the kaleidoscopic digital world in 1.07 billion colors and enjoy everything coming alive with HERO 10 featuring P3 wide color gamut.

Eye Comfort Matters.

While prolonged usage may cause eye strain and eye fatigue, HERO 10 has passed tests with TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light certification with reduced harmful low blue light, relieving eye problems and promoting better sleep.

TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light Certified

Display with peace of mind

Ensuring both flexibility and durability, the screen of the Blackview HERO 10 utilizes Ultra-thin Glass (UTG) with bespoke protective film for enhanced impact-resistant capability and shallower crease.

Impact-resistant capability 25%↑

*The data of 25% is based on comparison with colorless poluimide display.

Industry-leading Waterdrop Hinge

Foldable, Flexible,Durable.

Each fold and unfold is effortlessly smooth thanks to the industry-leading waterdrop hinge, which not only makes the main display virtually creaseless but also allows HERO 10 to flex and stop at diverse angles, adding more fun to your life. Made of aerospace-grade high-strength steel, the hinge is tested durable after 250,000 folds with over 15 years of use. The waterdrop-shaped hinge also ensures zero gap when folded.

*The 15-year use is based on daily use of 45 folds per day. The actual use shall prevail.

Stereo Speakers

Stereo Sound. Spatial Space.

Get enveloped in the new realm of the world. Dance with the rhythms and feel the heartbeats going faster or slower with the ups and downs of every note.

Relax. Ready to Flex?

Kickstart A Newer Foldable Lifestyle Now

Magic Happens When Split View Meets Foldable Screen

A New Hassel-free Foldable Way
to browse social media

Stand-free. No need to hold it in your hand.

A New Foldable Way to watch films

Enjoy film watching anytime,
anywhere without a stand.

An Inspirational New Foldable Way
to record your life

No tripod needed, you can direct your story on your own.

An Efficient New Foldable Way to
pratice and enjoy yoga

Do Exercising and connect with besties simultaneously.

A Passionate New Foldable Way to enjoy ball games

Feelings never fail to be expressed.

A New Smart Cover Screen to Amaze
A Viewfinder for 108MP-Camera Selfies
A Shortcut to Daily Essentials
A Window to Show Personality

Visualize 108MP-Camera Selfies

Quick High-res Selfies

With the cover screen serving as a viewfinder, taking selfies or group selfies is made easier than ever and even clearer using the 108 MP rear camera instead of the 32 MP front camera . Click a volume button and selfies are done!

Using the cover screen VS. Using the front screen

Easier ↑

108MP Rear Camera VS. 32MP Front Camera

Clearer ↑

*108MP-camera selfies refer to selfies taken by the main 108MP camera, not 108MP camera mode. The actual resolution of selfies taken by the main camera shall be 12MP while for the 108MP camera mode, the resolution is 108 mega pixels.
Essentials, Just
Taps Away

Do more and enjoy more with the new cover screen. Swipe left or right to switch songs, check weather updates and recent messages, receive or reject calls, take selfies, and much more. All can be done without unfolding the main display.

A Window to Show

Set HERO 10 as you prefer with the preset clock faces or customize it from background wallpaper, clock styles and what’s up to the color of the texts to get it personalized and tailor it to match your everyday outfits and mood.

Multiple Watch Faces
Diversified Wallpapers & Clock Styles

Face Unlock & Fingerprint Unlock
for Dual Screens

Two-Way Unlocking, Twofold Safeguarding.

Afraid of notifications popping out on the cover screen peeped by someone else when you are not around? Now rest assured with HERO 10. Everything on HERO 10 is protected with both screens supporting face unlock and fingerprint unlock.

*The two screens cannot function simultaneously, allowing for the use of one screen at a time. When folded closed, the back screen is operational, and when unfolded, the front screen is active.

Enjoy a Novel New Foldable
Flex-form Shooting
Flip, Flex, Fix. Frame the Moment from More Angles.
With 108MP Camera & ArcSoft® 9.0 Algorithms to Enchant

108 MP Main Camera

Lights, Camera, Action.

Any light, all bright! Freeze all your cherished memories in crystal-clear details, even in low-lit environments, with 108 million pixels and perfectly balanced highlights and shadows. Be it the afterglow at dusk or a pet running wild in the garden, HERO 10 captures every scene as you see it with your naked eyes, with rich images in realistic colors and fine details.

8 MP 120° Ultra-wide Camera

Now, Open Up
Myriad Possibilities

Squeeze more of a fabulous view into a frame and add more depth to one picture.

32MP Front-facing Camera

One Click Away from
Portrait Perfection

When some memorable life moments happens, how can we just let it slip away? -little gatherings with friends that have been waiting for too long, big moments, first-time moments and so much. Get it all frozen clearly in HERO 10 with vibrant, sharp details.

FlexForm Camera Mode

Do it. Show it. Express it.
Make Every Angle Perfect.

Make picture-taking easier than ever! No tripod is needed; pose in a variety of positions confidently and capture every moment with mind-blowing pictures. HERO 10 has your back! Flex to find the best angle for your shooting!

An Inspirational New Foldable Way to
Capture Wonderful Moments

Your Beauty, Your Rules.

A Creational NewFoldable Way to Retain Scenes

Never miss any wonderful moments

Visualize 108MP-Camera Selfies With Smart Cover Screen

A Simpler New Foldable Way
to take sharper selfies

Frame all the friends and family in one picture

A Simpler New Foldable Way
to take sharper selfies

Visualize selfies via the cover screen and finish with only a click on the volume button

An Inspirational New Foldable Way to Makeup

Release Handbag Space, Enjoy a Portable,
Foldable, Infallible Makeup Anywhere

A Mirror in Palm,
Your Makeup in Style.

A stunner in the palm of your hand, also a mirror for makeup. Find the most suitable makeup for your everyday fit. With Face Fill light, day or night, you shine so brightly in selfies!

A Creational New Foldable Way to Bring Out Your Beauty

Flex Halfway, Free Your Beauty from Dead Corner.

An Easier New Foldable Way
to take portraits

Increase depth of field in your photos.


A New Foldable Way to take profile

Graceful figures are nowhere to hide.


An Easier New Foldable Way to
full-body portraits

At any angle. All at hand.

*Activate your audio assistant to achieve shooting without pressing buttons.

Full-length Portrait

2K Video Recording with Beauty Mode

Your Story. Tell It Your Way.

Direct your blockbuster film through the lens the way you prefer, and keep the smiling faces and transient moments in the time capsule.

An Inspirational New Foldable Way to Video Taking

Hands-free, Tripod-free. Video Recording has never been so easy.

DV Shooting Experience

Flex HERO 10 and experience retro DV-like shooting in 2K resolution.

A New Foldable Way to record v-log

Finish all by yourself, even without tripod.

A New Foldable Way to direct
your own story

Tell your story in your own way.

A New Foldable Way to
time-lapse recording

Stably record how things change in detail.

A New Foldable Way to

Multiple Modes for Multiple Scenarios

HDR Fearless to the Light

Portrait Natural Bokeh Effect

Night Noise Out, Vivid Still.

Everyone Shines Bright

Panorama Everyone Shines Bright

Mono World in Black and White

Pro Style in Your Way

A New Foldable Way to Vista Cityscape

Capture the majesty of urban skylines at 360°

A New Foldable Way to
Retro-style Street Snap

Screen out the vibrant colors and leave everything in its authentic way in the picture with Mono Mode.

A New Foldable Way to
Summer Night

Take in the mesmerizing scene of a city in serenity when night falls.

All Light, Always Bright!

Capture every scene you encounter! -Restore the nighttime summer vibes and illuminate your first-ever moments with your loved ones.

Nonapixel Plus

merges nine pixels at once with a noise level that’s similar to 1.92μm big pixel

Smart-ISO &

In Motion or Stillness, Capture
Stunning Shots Every Time

Seize the moment or embrace serenity. From thrilling action to tranquil scenes, record every life moment into a captivating story.

Smart-ISO Pro

-more vivid with 12-bit color
-fewer motion artifacts by merging two readouts in High and Low ISO mode into one image

Higher autofocus pixel
density Up to 100%

DokeOS 4.0 Now with
Dynamic Live View and
Foldable Gene
Seamless↑ Intuitive↑ Privacy↑ Fluency↑ User-friendly↑

Three-year Android Version Updates

Support Upgrade From
Android 14 to Android 16

Built in with OTA support for Android software updates, the Blackview HERO 10 ensures three years of smoothness and innovative Android experience.

*Users will receive an OTA Android 14 upgrade to HERO 10 later this year. Regarding follow-up upgrade, the actual version shall prevail.

View reports side by side

Find the perfect angles to suit your reading habits

Always-on screen for searching

Stand on your desk as your second screen to boost productivity

Laptop-like note taking experience

Better radio reception effects and better viewing experience

Run two accounts simultaneously

Juggle between work and personal life better

Real-time alerts & activity notification

Streamlined daily routines

Seamless Interaction

Dynamic Live View

Where Alerts and Live
Activities Assemble

Never miss a beat! The dynamic Live View just jumps out at the top to allow you to instantly grasp the current status of the on-going activities at once. It seamlessly surface updates from recording to calls and low battery alerts, and even more without interrupting your current tasks.

Hey, something has just happened.
Want to ignore, know more or move to the next step?
Just swipe, tap, or long press!

Get things done on HERO 10 in a way far easier and funnier. No more fumbling through HERO 10 among applications and settings for further operation. -Just swipe, tap, or long press.

*As display of applications may differ, the actual usage shall prevail.

Split View

Maximize your view. -Effortlessly juggle tasks, stream content and navigate apps to unleash productivity and elevate entertainment.

take minutes while having meeting online

chat with friends while watching videos

Floating Window

Swipe up, down, right or left or try more gestures to navigate HERO 10. Access apps instantly and gain important information at one glance with them organized according to your habits in one place.

More Intuitive & Personal

Full Set of Theme
Your Space. Your Style.

Create a more personalized space in your preferred colors with customizable icons, control panel, lock screen interface and more.

File Folders,
Big or Small

Get your desktop organized the way you like it to be.

Timer Customization

Timers Set. Once and For All.

Designed with more personification options, HERO 10 is upgraded with customize-able timers, making countdown settings more convenient and personalized.

More Comprehensive Privacy Protection

Cleared Clipboard History

What’s Personal in
Clipboard Kept Private

Ensuring comprehensive privacy protection, HERO 10 offers the option to automatically clear the contents of your clipboard after a period of time in case your personal information gets leaked.

Sophisticated Media
Permission Control

One-stop Privacy Control

You can gain all the permission information and keep it under control in one place to prevent unwanted permission access.

More Fluid

Atomized Memory 2.0

More Apps. More Possibilities.

Atomized Memory 2.0 with ultra-fine RAM management system can intelligently divide the RAM that apps use so as to compress it more accurately into smaller units to maximize RAM performance at all times, resulting in 5~9% more RAM available for other processes and allowing more apps to run concurrently in the background.

Focus Computing 2.0

Focus On the Priorities

Dual modes are assigned for different use cases. -Performance mode makes demanding tasks more fluid while Battery Saver Mode saves power for extended usage.


Launch One Step Ahead

Utilizing the advanced file reading and writing system, File Friendly File System(F2FS), app start-up speed gets boosted by 25% , ensuring fewer lags and fewer stutters.

Auxiliary Functions

Smart Scan

Lift. And Scanning Done.

Save time and streamline your interactions. Swiftly finish your payment—no more waiting.

Screen Attention

Always On. Never Stop.

With Screen Attention on, the screen will never light off as long as you are there, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.

Real-time Subtitle

What You Hear is Now Visible

Always stay in sync with HERO 10, especially when it’s inconvenient. – Toggle on the Real-time Subtitle function and you can now see the subtitles transcribed instantly.

*Real-time Subtitles are available in English only.
Auxiliary Functions

EasyShare App

Sharing, Made Faster & Easier.

Exchange files and data without networks yet in a way faster and easier. -Connect devices and choose files to send or receive.

*EasyShare is only effective when you turn on Wi-Fi in the Settings but does not rely on the network. The data transmission speed shall prevail as testing environments may vary.

Workspace App

One More Space for Work Life

No more need for one more gadget for work use. Clone your needed apps into the work space, and you can run apps on HERO 10 in both your personal and work spaces simultaneously, with data stored individually via two different accounts.

Health App

Health Highlighted

Every step and activity can be counted on HERO 10 with the Health app, from health metrics to workout data.

Focus Mode App

Dive Deep. Focus First.

Leave the dings and rings behind with the Focus Mode app when it’s time to focus. You can choose from preset modes according to your current situation.

6nm Powerful
Performance On Par
with 5G Level
Tackle Tasks in Blazing-fast Speed with 6nm
Helio G99 and Up to 36GB RAM

MediaTek Helio G99

Stay in the Fast Lane

As you are with the powerful 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 SoC now, tear through pixel-intensive games or CPU-intensive multitasks with HERO 10 at blazing-fast speed yet with lower power consumption.

Antutu Benchmark

Top-class 6nm 4G Chipset

On Par with Some of 5G SoC

Up to 36GB RAM =12GB Physical +24GB Virtual

Hassle-Free. Stutters Flee.

Load in HERO 10 your favorite music, pictures and videos as much as you want! With up to 36GB of RAM, HERO 10 tackles everything with a breeze! Merged with the advanced Atomized Memory 2.0 , HERO 10 allocates memory more efficiently, which results in 5%~9% more RAM available.

256GB Internal Storage

Pack A Punch in
Your Pocket

Store more of your creative works, files and apps in your pocket with ample space of 256GB

Integrated Cooling System

Stay Cool. Stay Fast.

Unleash the full potential of HERO 10 and ensure comfortable, cool hands-on experience with the triple cooling system, which maintains a constant temperature of under 44℃ during CPU-intensive gaming sessions.

Dual-cell Battery in
Foldable Flawlessness
Super long-lasting 4000mAh Coupled with
45W Supercharge

Charge for 10 mins, Calls for 4 hours.

45W Fast Charging

From day in to day out, verve never ends as you get 45W fast charging to fill HERO 10 to 48% in 20mins.

4000mAh Dual-cell Battery

Compact Size. Constant Power.

Inside the tiny little body, HERO 10 boasts 4000mAh under the hood, consisting of a 2700mAh battery and a 1300mAh battery. Lightweight body in your palm, heavyweight power security in your heart.

Last for 35hrs for the external display only

288% More Power Efficient ↑

Self-adaptive Brightness

Save More Power ↑

Focus Computing Technology

Performance mode

10% better CPU performance ↑

Power Saving mode

Extended battery usage ↑













Note: The dual-cell 4000mAh battery refers to the Blackview HERO 10 sports dual batteries connected in parallel, resulting in an equivalent battery capacity of 4000mAh.
*The data is tested by Blackview Laboratory based on continuous use. Battery life depends on the actual usage situation.
Save Energy and Protect Your Battery

Smart Charging Protection

For recharging during night, once the battery level reaches 80% during night, the system will automatically stop its charging and intelligently continue to recharge according to the current use cases for prolonged battey lifespan.

Customizable Recharging Mode

You can customize the maximum battery level for recharging, which shall be recommended ranging from 70% to 90%, to increase your battery life.

Blackview HERO 10
ModelBlackview HERO 10
ColorSakura Purple/Eclipse Black
Dimension75.47*168.99*8.08mm (when unfolded)
75.47*87*16.25mm (when folded)
OSDokeOS 4.0 Based on Android 13
Screen6.9-inch AMOLED display, 2560*1080 resolution; 94.3% Screen-to-Body Ratio;
1.19-inch OLED cover screen, 390*390 resolution
ProcessorMediaTek Helio G99, Octa-core, 6nm
RAM Expansion24GB
Front Camera32 MP
Rear Camera108 MP(Samsung® ISOCELL HM6)+120° Ultra-wide 8 MP
Battery4000mAh (2700mAh+1300mAh), 45W Fast Charge
Face UnlockSupport
Card SlotsDual Nano SIM
ConnectivityWi-Fi spec: IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
GSM spec: B2/B3/B5/B8
3G spec: B1/B2/4/B5/B8/BC0/BC1/BC10
LTE spec: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B17/B18/B19/B20/B26/B28A/B28B/38/40/41/B66


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Blackview Hero 10 Flip 6.9-inch AMOLED Foldable Screen MediaTek Helio G99 12GB+256GB 108MP Camera 4G Smartphone, Black

Blackview Hero 10 Flip 6.9-inch AMOLED Foldable Screen MediaTek Helio G99 12GB+256GB 108MP Camera 4G Smartphone, Black

AED 2,799.00 AED 2,799.00

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