Ninebot C40 Multifunction Electric Bike – Blue

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Ninebot C40 Multifunction Electric Bike

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AED 4,250.00


Ninebot C40 Electric Bike Features and Specifications

Design and Build

Externally, the Xiaomi Ninebot C40 bike adopts an elegant and friendly build to be convenient for unisex. The high-grade material construction chassis looks fine with the physical aesthetics to allow you to enjoy a comfortable journey.

Xiaomi Ninebot c40 electric bike features

The handlebar has brake levers along with the display in the middle. Similarly, there is an LED flashlight on the front and a red light on the back for safer night riding. The bike features anti-slip vacuum tires with the dual-disc EABS braking system. It also has paddles on both sides.


Well, the Ninebot C40 electric bike combines a 400W rated brushless motor to generate up to 25 km/h speed. It also provides 54nm on-wheel torque as well as a 2-stage center suspension damping system.

ninebot c40 electric scooter design

Ninebot C40 Electric Bike Battery

As per the battery concerns, the Xiaomi Ninebot C40 vehicle installs a 48V 16AH lithium battery. It promises to serve you with up to 35-45 km of endurance. Along with the BMS battery management system, you will also get a 3-year battery warranty.

ninebot c40 electric scooter specs

Automatic Locking System

Xiaomi always prioritizes the safety of its users and consequently, the latest Ninebot electric bike hails 3s auto-lock, and Bluetooth sensor unlock operations. It has induction unlock, airlock unlock, automatic P file and ride unlock etc.

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Ninebot C40 Electric Bike Tires

When it comes to the wheels, the Ninebot electric vehicle has non-slim vacuum tires, which offers long endurance and shock absorption. Further, the pair also holds disc-drum on the front wheel along with the energy recovery system on the back.

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Intelligent Anti-Theft System

Xiaomi manages for triple positioning system for the Ninebot C40 bike. You will enjoy accurate BEIDOU satellite positioning, GPS satellite positioning and base station positioning.

Moreover, the Ninebot C40 is also controllable via the App interface.

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Ninebot C40 Multifunction Electric Bike - Blue

Ninebot C40 Multifunction Electric Bike - Blue

AED 4,250.00