Pikkaboo – “Little Gardener” Kids Gardening Kit

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  • Complete with 2 clay minipots, miniature shovel and fork with fun bubbles (double the fun!), along with two packets of flower seeds, planting soil, a water sprayer, gravel, acrylic paint, and an array of lovely paintbrushes.
  • Allows kids to plant on their own; this vivid kid will definitely bring more joy to their days!
  • Perfect gift for the curious kids
  • Fascinates children as soon as they pull it out of the box and is a perfect project. It fosters a love for botany in a fun and exciting way
  • Make it Unique: When it comes to the design, the sky is the limit! Kids will feel free to express their creativity on the planter by painting it the way they like with fabulous vibrant colors
  • Just Add Water! Everything is included. No other tools or parts necessary
  • Extremely easy to grow and in the right setting will produce stunning flowers which will start to grow in a few days.
  • Water the plants, and watch them flourish! Reusable box with handle
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AED 199.00 AED 199.00


Encourage children to get involved with Mother Nature with our creative Little Gardener’s kit. Nurture their love of planting and wildlife by giving them the best tools to explore. Gardening is a really fun activity for parents to undertake with their children, with so many benefits for both. It brings the family together and helps enhance children’s fine motor skills, while teaching them about growth and nature. Our simple yet fun gardening kit offers buckets of fun for mini gardeners to teach them to grow flowers right from seed.


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Pikkaboo - “Little Gardener” Kids Gardening Kit

Pikkaboo - “Little Gardener” Kids Gardening Kit

AED 199.00 AED 199.00