Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 AW suction power | TFT HD colour display | Smart high-torque floor brush | All-in-one vacuum and mop – White

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  • 【150 AW Flagship-Grade Suction Power】The newly upgraded 125,000 RPM high-speed flagship-grade motor delivers strong suction power while offering superb performance and an unprecedented cleaning experience.
  • 【High Definition TFT Colour Display - Check Cleaning Status At A Glance】The newly upgraded visual operating system uses a TFT colour display that allows you to easily view information such as current mode, battery status and more. Mobile phone-level display clarity delivers an outstanding visual experience and excellent control at the same time
  • 【Newly Added One-Tap Self-Locking - Sets Your Fingers Free With No Need For Pressing And Holding】Newly added to the display, the unique electronic self-locking feature means you no longer need to press and hold a button during use. Instead, simply tap on the "Lock" button to engage continuous operation, and tap it again to unlock. This sets your fingers free and minimizes button failure from repeated use
  • 【Smart High-Torque Floor Brush - Let Technology Take Care Of Your Housework】The smarter floor brush automatically detects different flooring materials and adjusts its speed accordingly. This feature significantly extends battery life by reducing the amount of time spent unnecessarily in higher power modes.
  • 【Premium, High-Capacity Battery - 65 Min Extra-Long Battery Life】3000 mAh high capacity battery. With a battery life of up to 65 min, the high-capacity and highly efficient battery easily meets the needs of larger homes.
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AED 999.00


Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10, double cleaning with a single pass Vacuum cleaner and mop – Powerful 150AW motor – Up to 125000 RPM – HD display – Removable 0.6 liter tank – 12 cyclone dust separation system – 5-layer HEPA filter – Smart high-torque floor brush – Built-in accessories – Replaceable battery for up to 65 minutes of use – Automatic usage locking With the new Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 you will have 8 technologies in your hands for an easy and complete cleaning. This is a cordless vacuum cleaner with which you will not only dust the floor but also mop and remove all the hairs. Xiaomi’s new vacuum cleaner features a V-shaped body structure that offers a larger suction diameter, thus, reducing the number of times the hair rotates on the brushes. This way, it prevents tangling as it sends them towards the central suction nozzle. In addition, it automatically detects the different materials on the floor and adjusts its speed accordingly, which increases the efficiency of its battery and therefore its life between charges. A vacuum cleaner that mops and vacuums at the same time, thanks to its removable mop and 250-milliliter water tank. Up to 25000 rpm power The new Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 has a high speed motor with 125000 rpm. Accompanying it, it has an efficient 12 cyclone dust separation system, which, with its 5-layer HEPA filter, will kill 99.97% of particles, returning purified air to the outside. Therefore, it is a suitable vacuum cleaner for people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems. In addition, it has 3 different operating modes: eco, standard and turbo, which will allow you to clean from the most encrusted dirt to the dust you accumulate during the week. HD screen and power lock You will control and know all the information related to your vacuum cleaner with its HD color display. It will let you know aspects such as the current cleaning mode, battery status, set the language you want it to be in and much more. With its automatic locking function, you no longer need to press and hold any buttons while cleaning. Just press the “Lock” button to activate continuous operation or touch it again and deactivate it. Cleans the entire house adapting it to each situation Buy the new Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 and you’ll have accessories for the whole house. Like its mini electric brush that will clean hair, dander or pet hair from the surface of the bed and sofa; its narrow nozzle will allow you to clean the spaces of the sofa and the corners of doors and windows; and with its 2-in-1 dusting brush, it will clean furniture or keyboards in depth. All this will go into its removable and washable 0.6 liter solids tank. Battery for the whole house Finally, it has a high quality and capacity battery of 3000 mAh. It has a maximum run time of 65 minutes in eco mode, so you can use it without having to stop to recharge it. Its standard mode lasts up to 30 minutes; and at full power it offers up to 10 minutes of use. What if you have a huge house and it runs out of power? Don’t slow down! With its removable battery it will allow you to replace the battery with one touch, easily doubling the life. And it will allow you to be use your vacuum while charging another one in its base at the same time so you’ll never run out of power. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 – Cordless / Bagless Vacuum Cleaner features : Powerful motor of 150AW and 125000 RPM. HD screen with automatic use locking. Smart high torque floor brush. 12 cyclone dust separation system and 5-layer HEPA filter. Replaceable battery, 65 minutes in ECO mode. Various accessories. Replaceable and washable 0.6 liter tank.


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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 AW suction power | TFT HD colour display | Smart high-torque floor brush | All-in-one vacuum and mop - White

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 AW suction power | TFT HD colour display | Smart high-torque floor brush | All-in-one vacuum and mop - White

AED 999.00