How to Install Google Play Store on All Chinese Android Phones?

Here you can find the latest tutorials for a clean installation of the Google Play Store and its service apps. Many China smartphones come without Google Play Store pre-installed. It is usually an easy task to install it. We will explain step by step how to install it.

1. Install Google Play Store

Usually, all Google service files and apps are already included on Chinese smartphones. Google Calendar Sync, Account Manager, Service and so on are pre-installed. The only file that is missing is the Play Store. You can always get the latest version on

Visit the site APKPURE.NET and enter “Google Play Store” in the search field at the top. Then Click on “Download APK”.

Just download and install it on your device and you’re done.

2. Customize the Keyboard and Install other Keyboard Languages

After you have installed Google Play Store, you will want to customize the keyboard. To do that, you need to Install “GBoard” App from Google Play Store. Once that is done, you can go ahead and configure the app from the settings to your preferences.

3. Install Google Chrome

After Installing Google Play Store, you might want to use Google Chrome instead of the Phone’s default browser. To do that, Search for “Google Chrome” from within Google Play Store and install it.

After it’s successfully installed, you might want to disable or remove the phone’s default browser and use Google Chrome instead. You may do that through the Phone’s System Settings & Modify the settings of the “Default Apps”.

You can also change other default apps according to your preferences like Google Assistant or Wallet after you install the respective app you want from Google Play Store.

4. Remove all Chinese Apps and Turn Off Notifications of Chinese Apps

After you finish customizing the phone, you can go ahead and remove all Chinese apps from the phone which you don’t need. Some apps cannot be deleted but can be disabled from the system settings so you won’t be bothered by them.

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