• Hand Grip Strengthener 

    Hand Grip Strengthener 

    Adjustable Finger Exerciser and Hand Strengthener: Change the positions of the hook to adjust the resistance value, 6 levels resistance( Heavy Black: 13 lbs, 17 lbs, 21 lbs and Light Grey: 6.6 lbs, 8.8 lbs, 11 lbs), Suitable from beginner to advanced.

    Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation: Hand workout equipment for arthritis, stroke rehab, carpal tunnel, tenosynovitis, fractured, tendon surgery and tennis elbow, reduce stiffness and pain.

    Athletes & Musical Instruments: The grip strength trainer kit is works for improving power and flexibility in the wrists, fingers, and forearms. Gifts for rock climbers, Tennis players, Guitar, Piano, Drummers & Musicians.

    Durable & Ergonomic Design: Adjustable hand extensor exerciser can be worn comfortably by any size wrists and finger, Suitable for finger workout habits. Suitable for Teens and adults.

    Btfsoul for 3 Years Warranty: We have been working hard to improve this product, so we hope you can tell us any problems you encounter in use, and we will solve them for you quickly.

    AED 85.00 AED 85.00
  • Home Gym Extreme Power Resistance Band

    Home Gym Extreme Power Resistance Band

    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION:resistance bands to suit different fitness needs. The metal carabiners on the resistance strap enable the user to add or remove resistance to create the perfect challenge for every muscle group. Challenge your limit
    • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Great for men and women of all fitness levels. Each Fashnex Fitness exercise band offers a different level of resistance. Use the workout bands for your quads, glutes, buttocks, chest, Abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs and knees with any one band individually or multiple bands together to provide the right level of resistance for you
    • BURN FAT AND BUILD MUSCLE: Resistance band training are extremely effective at burning fat and increase muscle strength, and also help you increase coordination, boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion, exercise different muscle groups, such as shoulder, arm, leg, butt, booty, and more Fashnex elastic exercise bands serve long time and provide the maximum resistance
    • They strengthen coordination. Because there’s tension throughout the exercises, you have to stabilize your body. This helps with coordination and balance and also helps you participate in more muscle groups.
    • Multifunction and portable: Our resistance bands can apply to different types exercise. Good for toning your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc. Also comes with convenient travel pouch! You can also take your bands to Gym, Office, etc.
    • According to your fitness level, you can easily choose the different resistance bands or all resistance together to achieve the goal of muscle Build.
    AED 36.00 AED 36.00
  • Move It Beat portable smart fitness dumbbell, 1.5Kg, rechargeable, Turquoise, YMSE-P701-D, Move It Smart Fitness Dumbbell

    Move It Beat portable smart fitness dumbbell, 1.5Kg, rechargeable, Turquoise, YMSE-P701-D, Move It Smart Fitness Dumbbell

    • 【Compact】It’s compact and easy to carry. You can take it out and work out in the office.
    • 【APP Connection】You can use the Move It APP to record your movement data. More detailed data record analysis, record the completion of each course and the accuracy of the action
    • 【Built-in Induction Module】Intelligent movement dumbbell built-in induction module, so that sports like playing games as fun.
    • 【Long Battery Life】It has a long battery life and can last 300 minutes after charging for 30 minutes.
    • 【Exquisite Design】Dumbbells adopt the streamlined design, makes you feel comfortable, it’s wear-resistant and pull-resistant.
  • Plastic Push Up Bar, Black

    Plastic Push Up Bar, Black

    • Durable molded plastic bars
    • Non skid removable bases for easy portability
    • Angled design for maximum workout results
    • Cushioned foam grips
    • Work the chest, shoulders and triceps
    AED 20.00 AED 20.00
  • TA Sport Fitness Training Push Up Bar, Black

    TA Sport Fitness Training Push Up Bar, Black

    • You could adjust the distanve between the two stands, Change the push up exercise different types, Such as close, straight, wide grip
    • Brand: TA Sport
    • Sporting Goods Category: Execise
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Size: 9 x 6 cm approx
    • Color: Black
    AED 34.00 AED 34.00

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