• Under Door Seal Draft Stopper | Noise & Dust Blocking Weather Stripping

    Under Door Seal Draft Stopper | Noise & Dust Blocking Weather Stripping

    • Easy Installation: Quick and simple setup in just 2 minutes.
    • Multi-Purpose: Blocks drafts, dust, noise, and saves energy.
    • Durable & Effective: Made with EPE foam cotton and leather for long-lasting performance.
    • Universal Fit: Suitable for interior and exterior doors, garages, and windows.
    • Energy Efficient: Reduces heat loss and lowers utility bills.
    AED 39.00 AED 39.00
  • Wide Brim Sun Hat With Detachable Neck Flap and Face Cover

      • Outdoor hat with wide brim, face & neck flaps provide the optimal protection against harmful UV rays and effectively protect your skin from sunshine.


      • The size is fit for most people (men, women, youth), an adjustable drawstring can be adjusted fit for your head circumference.


      • Made of breathable material for all-day wear, especially during warm months.


      • The whole surrounded by a large shawl, free removal, in addition to a removable neck flap and breathable face protector.


      • The panels around the hat allow for moisture and heat which not only keeps your head cool but also stays dry by reducing the sweat build-up.


    AED 35.00AED 55.00 AED 35.00
  • Digital Hanging Luggage Scale Portable Handheld Baggage Scale For Travel Suitcase Scale For Traveling With Lcd Display 50Kg/110Lb

    Digital Hanging Luggage Scale Portable Handheld Baggage Scale For Travel Suitcase Scale For Traveling With Lcd Display 50Kg/110Lb

      • Display Luggage Scale Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale.
      • A clear LCD backlit screen for day and night visibility to accurately display.
      • Portable and easy to store at home or in your suitcase.
      • Durable and heavy duty to stand the test of time and travel.
    AED 50.00 AED 50.00
  • Electric Pruning Shears, Soft Rubber Grip, Ergonomic Design, Quick Tapping, Red

    Electric Pruning Shears, Soft Rubber Grip, Ergonomic Design, Quick Tapping, Red

    • The blade is made of SK5 steel for faster cutting and improved cutting performance. Sharp and durable. Shear diameter: mm 1.2 inches / 30th
    • Long battery life, replaceable battery, a move to install, easy to use. Use 4-5 hours and crop more than 1,400 times. 1 hour fast charge ..
    • Lightweight, cordless and easy to use. You can hold to trim it without boredom long ..
    • The body is impact resistant and non-slip. Ergonomic design. You will not feel tired after prolonged use ..
    AED 160.00 AED 160.00
  • Magnetic Fly Screen Window Max 48” x 43”Fits Any Size Smaller DIY Easy Installation

    Magnetic Fly Screen Window Max 48” x 43”Fits Any Size Smaller DIY Easy Installation

    • Excellent Mosquito Prevention: high-density mesh prevents tiny insects. The installation of our screen window helps you say goodbye to worries incurred by mosquitoes, and ensures good air circulation, even if the window is opened
    • Adjustable Size: the window screen can be cut according to your window’s size, ensuring that it is suitable for any window frame. It is both convenient and economical to make window screens by yourself. Support a maximum of 48″x 43″ window. Please measure your window prior to your purchase to ensure that our window screen is suitable for your window
    • No Construction Required, Easy to Install: back magnets make it easy to install in wood, iron or aluminium windows. Take about 15 minutes to install(There is an installation video, please watch). Unique window-proof clip is used to make it stay in the place, avoiding to fall. Adjust its opening height and easy to open and close the window screen
    • Outstanding Durability: the window screen adopts permanent magnets, which can be repeatedly opened and closed. Thanks to its high-quality materials, precision sewing and high-density mesh technology, it won’t be damaged even if you repeatedly open and close the window screen. 
    AED 68.00 AED 68.00
  • USB Mini Mosquito Swatter, Portable Fly Killer, Insect Killer for Pest Control

    USB Mini Mosquito Swatter, Portable Fly Killer, Insect Killer for Pest Control

    • ⚡【Purple LED Light 】Purple LED light will attract mosquito insects that cannot resist approaching the light source to kill them exactly without chemical sprays! This electric mosquito swatter is safe because of chemical-free, pollution-free, and radiation-free.
    • ⚡【 USB Direct plug】You can use any USB equipment plug it into and charge this racket fly killer-operated racket quickly and efficiently. Once hit with one hit and nowhere to escape! It’s a great helper for your family to resist flies and insects.
    • ⚡【Product Attachment】: Mosquito zapper racket includes a mosquito swatter (No recharging required) with a USB for killing mosquitoes. Note: Don’t let kids and pets touch the product, and do not use any tools to touch the internal power grid to avoid accidents.
    • ⚡【Portable Protection】: Mini lightweight electric fly swatter ensures you are always protected to avoid swarming insects. The portable and USB direct plug design also allows you to take the insect killer with your camping and other outdoor activities.
    AED 47.00 AED 47.00
  • USB Charging Portable Fly Killer

    • EPA Est. No. 94733-CHN-1 / 3000V EFFECTIEVLY MOSQUITO KILLER: Push the switch to “ON1” and make the mosquito swatter in “Handheld Mode”. Wave the swatter in the air while press and hold on the button with the blue indicator light on, and the mosquitoes would be killed instantly when they touch the grid equipped with 3000V high voltage. Release the button when finish, and note not to touch the net immediately in case of electric shock.
    • 2-IN-1 MOSQUITO SWATTER: Besides “Handheld Mode”, “Auto Mode” also works well on flying insects. When push the switch to “ON2” with the blue indicator light on, the 8 blue lamps on the net emit 360-400nm light to appeal mosquitoes and kill. Insert the device into the base to free your hand. The working voltage of Auto Mode is lower, so it will not make too much noise which is great suitable for night use.
    • 3-LAYER SAFE MESH: The electric grid is sandwiched between 2 metal nets, and the layer gap is supported by an insulating plastic structure to avoid damaging and touching accidentally. Lulu Home electric mosquito swatter kills mosquitoes in a safe and physical way, and the white stylish appearance makes it perfect for home use.
    AED 48.00AED 60.00 AED 48.00
  • Electric Shock Mosquito Killer Racket

    • Protection:- The mosquito and fly zapper can protect you and your family from nasty bugs and bites. It is a small, careful, and almost silent error-cleaning device. Do not use the bug zapper outdoors. It’s designed for indoor use, providing you and your family with error-free home life.
    • Eco Frndly:- Kill bugs by physical means without any chemical or nasty thing. Quick, peaceable, and effective, can be used around kids and pets. Just for you and your family.
    • Use Simply:- just plug in the plug, press the button,it is a bug mosquito trap, the mosquito killer can work without noise! Home hospital kitchen warehouse can be used
    • Easy to clean, you can use the product configuration brush to clean the lampshade. If you have other suggestions for this product.
    • Package Content :- 1 Pcs perfect electronic bug zapper can easily clear up mosquitoes, flies and gnats. With this high voltage electric bug zapper, no annoying bugs.
    AED 48.00AED 70.00 AED 48.00
  • Nail Wall Fastening Tool

    • The stroller’s foldable and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and store. It can be quickly folded with a one-hand operation, allowing for effortless transportation and storage in tight spaces or when on the go. The lightweight construction ensures easy maneuverability, making it suitable for travel and everyday use.
    • With its two-way pushing capability, this stroller offers flexibility and convenience for both parent and child. You can choose to push the stroller in a forward-facing position to allow your child to explore the surroundings or opt for a rear-facing position to maintain close interaction and keep an eye on your little one. This feature allows for adaptability to different situations and preferences.
    • The stroller provides multiple seating options for your child’s comfort. It can be adjusted to a half-lying position, allowing your child to relax and rest during walks or naptime. It can also be set to a sitting position, providing an upright and supportive seat for your child to observe their surroundings. The adjustable backrest and footrest ensure a customizable and ergonomic seating experience.
    • To protect your child from the elements, the stroller is equipped with a canopy. The canopy provides shade and shields your child from sunlight and light rain, ensuring a comfortable and protected ride. It can be adjusted or removed according to the weather conditions and your child’s preference.
    • Safety features are a top priority in this stroller’s design. It is equipped with a secure and adjustable five-point safety harness, ensuring that your child is properly strapped in and protected during the ride. The sturdy frame and reliable braking system provide stability and control, ensuring a safe and smooth journey for both parent and child.
    • Overall, the Foldable Lightweight Two-way Pushing Stroller is a practical and versatile choice for parents of children aged 1-5 years old. With its foldable design, adjustable seating positions, and protective features, it offers convenience, comfort, and safety for both parent and child during outings and travels.
    AED 84.00AED 100.00 AED 84.00
  • Wall Repair Paste

    • Waterproof Repair Paste Easily Seal Holes Or Cracks Walls Description: Instantly and easily seal holes or cracks of your cemented walls with this Instant Repair Paste.
    • – Perfect for repairing cracked walls, peeled walls, pinhole holes, wall flouring, nail holes and wall graffiti.
    • No damaged wall – easy plaster, repair, and seal.
    AED 34.90AED 45.00 AED 34.90
  • DIY Wall Paint Repair

    • Quick Drying — Using high-quality environmentally friendly materials, it is odorless and harmless to our health, and it dries quickly in 3-4 hours, without soiling hands or clothes.
    • Strong Covering Power — Paint Without Leaving Any Marks. Wall advertisements, dirty shoe prints and tricky graffiti of children can be removed by a light brush and the walls are clean and tidy.
    • Small Roller Brush, Convenient and Easy to Apply — Equipped with a small roller brush, which is convenient for construction, storage, and easy to use.
    AED 30.00AED 40.00 AED 30.00
  • Double Sided Tape

    • Grid Double-Sided Tape: Removable double sided tapes is a must-have item in the home, making your life easier, no matter where it is used, multifunctional tape, excellent stickiness, bringing more convenience to your family, it is life good helper in.
    • Premium Material: Double Sided Mounting Tape is made of PE and extra strong fabric cloth mesh, coated with industry standard super stick clear adhesive, easy use for home school etc.
    • Hight Sticky Double Tape: Strong grid cloth and high stickiness makes double sided tape heavy duty and tough, ensuring good performance whether applying to rough or smooth surfaces, heavy or light items.
    • Easy To Use and Removable: This double sided mounting tape is thinner than general nano double-sided tape, but has equal or even stronger tack. Can be torn off easily, 100% without leaving any traces and glue residue.
    • Widely Application: Double sided adhesive tape is suitable for many scenarios, such as home, office, bathroom, living room, car, etc. You can use it to fix or paste living room paintings, car decorations, wall decorations, DIY, etc.
    AED 30.00AED 45.00 AED 30.00
  • Waterproof Invisible Sealant

    Waterproof Invisible Sealant

    • Premium material: made of high quality material, lasts long and sealed. It does not harm people or surfaces. Simply brush the desired surface with glue. For quick and effective sealing
    • PERMANENT WATERPROOF An upgraded waterproof formula with higher viscosity and stronger adhesion, the waterproof and leak-proof effect is remarkable. High and low temperature resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
    • EFFICIENT LEAKAGE PREVENTION It is a revolutionary water and rubber based formula that can penetrate into joints, cracks and leaks, sealing all cracked surfaces. At the same time, it forms a waterproof and protective coating in the adjacent area.
    • Scope of application: suitable for waterproof construction of cement surfaces, metal, ceramic tile, marble, wood, plastic and other surfaces. Widely used in toilet joints, joints of ceramic tiles, window sills, balconies, exterior walls, floor, bathroom, kitchen, roof, etc.
    AED 47.00 AED 47.00
  • Sensor Headlamp COB LED Head Lamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable

    Sensor Headlamp COB LED Head Lamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable

    • Wide bright beam — For headlamp users, the most feedback they have is that the field of view is not wide enough and the lumens are too low. Our light bar headlamps provide an excellent 230° wide-angle field of view and 350 lumens suitable for various outdoor scenes.
    • USB charging function — The rechargeable headlamp has a built-in 1200mAh lithium polymer battery (rechargeable) and comes with a USB charging cable, which can provide you with a faster charging experience. After charging for 4 hours, it can work for 2.5-8 hours in different light modes.
    • Ntelligent sensing technology — Headlamps are equipped with the latest smart sensors. You can easily control the light on and off by waving your hand. (The induction area is located around the induction switch. When using this function, please turn on the headlamps and the induction switch at the same time)
    • 5 Light modes — The led headlamps can meet various lighting needs. It has 5 lighting modes: COB high mode, COB low mode, XPE high mode, XPE low mode, and strobe mode. You can adjust any light mode through the headlight switch. (Note: in any other mode, long-press the power button for 2 seconds to switch the strobe mode, at this time the COB and XPE light flash at the same time)
    AED 59.00 AED 59.00
  • Rivet Gun Tufting Gun Manual

    Rivet Gun Tufting Gun Manual

    • The guns are made of solid metal with non-slip rubber grips and slip guard. Bolts are made of high quality zinc plated carbon steel.
    • Light weight and small size, girls can also use.
    • Low noise, will not disturb your families or neighbors.
    • No large amount of dust, energy saving and environmental friendly.
    AED 83.75 AED 83.75
  • Mini Manual Steel Nails Gun Tool

    Mini Manual Steel Nails Gun Tool

    • High Quality Material: Alloy tool steel material has high bearing strength, hardness and toughness, and is full of strength. It can easily penetrate into the steel plate and can reach 10 times higher efficiency in one second.
    • Easy To Use: The construction process of the concrete nail gun fixing tool is simple, no need to work in a small space, no drilling, directly on the wall, no dust pollution, simple operation.
    • Ergonomic Shape: The working phase of the miniature manual nail gun nailer can also be extended due to the ergonomic shape of the handle.
    AED 109.00 AED 109.00
  • Roll Sound Proof Sealing Strip

    Roll Sound Proof Sealing Strip

    • Door Frame Weatherstrip: The product is lightweight, portable, easy to use, and is a convenient and practical sealing strip.
    • Sound Proof Door Seal: Door weather strips provide excellent wind resistance, shock resistance and sound insulation performance.
    • Door Sealing Strip: The door draft excluder can keep your room warm without emitting cold and heating air from the ceiling, floor, wall and window while preventing external wind by sticking the tape.
    • Door draft excluders: widely used in various sliding windows, sliding doors, security doors, closet doors, and
    • Soundproof Door Seal: Weather strips provide excellent windproof performance, shock resistance and sound insulation.
    AED 85.00 AED 85.00
  • Waterproof Repair Tape

    Waterproof Repair Tape

    Can be cut to any size, to meet different needs

    Waterproof tape works to fix leaky above-ground pools, water tanks, drums & storage containers

    PVC tape can solve cracks & holes and apply tape for the perfect roof patch, nail hole patch, pipe & gutter leaks. Use as outdoor shed or greenhouse repair tape

    Strong , waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, wide range of uses

    AED 70.00 AED 70.00
  • Leak-proof Repair Tape, waterproof Sealing Tape

    Leak-proof Repair Tape, waterproof Sealing Tape

    • 【HIGH QUALITY TAPE 】 It is made of pure butyl rubber, This is a kind of thick adhesive tape with strong adhesion. it has the best waterproof performance and can effectively stop leakage. The new PET aluminum film adds non-woven fabric and anti-aging film, and has stronger corrosion resistance and anti-aging effect. Enhanced thickness, non-toxic, strong adhesion, high-density waterproof, UV resistant, steam resistant.
    • 【SUPERIOR FEATURE】 Superior waterproof, high viscosity and strong stretching ability, Strong adhesion, strong viscosity, durable, high peel strength, good reflective and heat insulation effect. This will be your best choice. Butyl Tape resists extreme temperatures and melting into a gooey slob, thanks to its wide operating temperature range.
    • 【EASY TO INSTALL】 Keep the target surface clean, dry and oil-free before pasting the tape. Peel off the released film and stick butyl sealant tape to the surface. No additional waterproof coating is required. There is no gap during installation. It can reliably cut off moisture, steam, corrosive chemicals and other leaks.
    AED 53.25 AED 53.25
  • Quick Instant Fire Starter, Charcoal Starter and Lighter

    Quick Instant Fire Starter, Charcoal Starter and Lighter

    • PORTABLE DESIGN: Ideal lighter for ceramic grills, charcoal barbecues. Igniting fires and BBQs takes just a few seconds. Dramatically cuts the time it takes until you can start cooking. Includes a hook for hanging that doubles as a bottle opener.
    • CHEMICAL-FREE ALTERNATIVE: Uses nothing but 1500 degree temperature hot air to ignite your wood or charcoal. You’ll never have to worry about tasting chemicals on your food or running out of starter fluid again.
    • FAST LIGHTING: Super high 1,500°F temperature air to ignite then fan the flames with a built-in blower, allows you to easily light your barbecue charcoal, wood burning fireplace or fire pit in 2-3 minutes.
    • EASY TO USE: Press the black start safety switch to hold temperature and the extra long 10″ heavy gauge grounded power cord can be used in a wider range of use, simply plug this fire starter into a standard outlet.
    AED 135.00 AED 135.00
  • Welding High-Strength Oily Glue

    Welding High-Strength Oily Glue

    • 【Welding High-Strength Oily Glue】 Unique Liquid Helps Penetrate The Finest Micro-Fractures, Pores, And Cracks To Deeply Increase Impact Resistance And Strength. Never Loose Adhesive Power.
    • 【Instant Repair Glue】 Universal Super Glue Can Reach The Maximum Bond Strength Within 10 Seconds. Quick And Easy. Repairs Like Magic. Dry And Transparent, Without Strong Odor.
    • 【Waterproof & Shockproof】 Strong bond does not wear off even after being washed multiple times. The adhesion will not lose its durability even if you put tension on it.
    • 【Precise Application】Pin-Point Nozzle Allows Precise Application Without Dripping And Oozing. Extra-Long Tip Allows For Easy Application On Hard-To-Reach Surfaces.
    • 【Wide Applicable】 Oily Glue Can Be Used To Bond Rubber, Plastic, Porcelain, Glass, Metal, Wood, Leather, And Other Crafts.
    AED 35.00 AED 35.00
  • Magical Cream for walls

    Magical Cream for walls

    Saves time and effort, with only one movement to fix the wall
    • Easier and faster than traditional methods, just roll the roller on the damaged area of the wall and in seconds the trace disappears
    • It features an easy-to-use design
    • Safe and suitable for all wall

    AED 36.00 AED 36.00
  • Wall Mount Mop And Broom Holder

    Wall Mount Mop And Broom Holder

    • Designed with 5 ball slots and 6 hooks
    • This holder can easily hold your mops, brooms, dust pan, etc
    • It is made using high-quality plastic that makes it strong and durable
    AED 40.00 AED 40.00
  • Portable USB Rechargeable Fan Mini Fan Small Spray Fan Air Cooler Handheld

    Portable USB Rechargeable Fan Mini Fan Small Spray Fan Air Cooler Handheld

    Product features: 1.Luminous Spray :LED luminous spray fans have unique and interesting features. Fans add ambience to the room with colorful lights and a fine mist of water. 2.Energy saving :LED fans are more energy efficient than traditional fans. They consume less electricity and generate less heat. Therefore, in the long run, it is a wise investment. 3.Health Fans can be used to add moisture to the air and keep the room fresh. This will help reduce symptoms of allergies and asthma, which is beneficial for people with respiratory conditions. 4.High quality materials :LED fans are made of high quality materials and durable. They can last for years if properly cared for. 5.Versatile: These fans can be used indoors and outdoors. Many people use them at home, in the office, and even at outdoor events such as weddings or parties. They are easy to use and transport.
    AED 75.00 AED 75.00

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