• NEXOL - 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift

    NEXOL – 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift

    • 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift frees your movement for cleaning your car with no cable. It’s specifically designed to allow you to get into tight and deepest places in your cars without a cord getting caught in the car door or on a tire.
    • 70mal Vacuum Cleaner Swift is Lighter than standard vacuums, weighing 0.7kg compared with an average of 2.5kg for a standard handheld vacuum. If you’re cleaning up high though, it will be much easy to shoulder the whole weight of the vacuum as you clean.
    • Different attachments help you get into corners and odd angles of a car. You can use them to clean car seats, carpets, air vents and console spaces without leaving scratchers
    • 24 min Battery Runtime – Compare with other cordless vacuum cleaner, which can last less than 20 minutes, 70mai Vacuum Cleaner Swift has the longer battery runtime of 24 minutes on a single charge.
    • 5V/2A Fast Charging – It only takes 3 hours to be fully charged with 5V/2A fast charging technology (type-c pot). It allows you to clean your entire car without re-charging.
    AED 198.00 AED 198.00

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