Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands can feature your brand logo with a custom headline, and multiple products. These appear in relevant shopping results and help drive discovery of your brand among customers shopping for products like yours.

Why use Sponsored Brands?

Drive awareness and discovery of your brand and product portfolio with Sponsored Brands that appear throughout Qonooz.

Build brand awareness

Use Sponsored Brands to help increase visibility and decide how you want to present your brand to customers. Create custom headlines to share your brand message & optimize advertisement performance goals.

Connect shoppers to your products

Sponsored Brands reach customers when they’re looking for what to buy, helping you drive product awareness. When Qonooz shoppers click on your brand logo, they’re taken to a Store or custom landing page. When they click on a product in the ad, they’re taken to the product page.

Create a branded shopping experience

By linking Sponsored Brands with your Store, you can engage shoppers in an immersive environment that’s all about your brand.

How advertisers can use Sponsored Brands?

If you’re an emerging brand on Qonooz, Sponsored Brands can help you engage shoppers as they browse and discover products on Qonooz. You can customize the headline to call out what makes your brand unique and display examples of your product selection.

A more established brand might use Sponsored Brands to stay top of mind with shoppers and increase brand loyalty. Help encourage repeat business by using your Sponsored Brands ad to send customers to your Store, providing opportunities for them to find additional products in your catalog that they may be interested in.

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