Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products promote individual product listings on Qonooz.

Why use Sponsored Products?

Help customers discover and purchase products that you sell on Qonooz with ads that appear in shopping results and on product pages. No previous advertising experience required.

Gain visibility

Ads appear right where customers will see them on Qonooz, such as the first page of shopping results and product pages, to help shoppers discover your products.

Increase sales with relevant ads

Sponsored Products can help you grow your sales on Qonooz by reaching customers who are browsing for products like yours and directing them to your product page.

How advertisers can use Sponsored Products?

Consider Sponsored Products if you’re new to advertising. The ad creative is automatically generated for you, and with automatic targeting, Amazon will match your ads to shopping queries and products. This means you can create and launch a campaign in just a few minutes. You can even advertise in countries where you don’t speak the language, since automatic targeting selects shopping queries for you.

No matter your level of advertising experience, Sponsored Products can help increase the visibility of your products on Qonooz. These ads reach customers as they shop and feature familiar elements to Qonooz shopping experience, like star ratings, product images.

Sponsored Products can be used by advertisers of any size for a wide variety of goals, such as generating awareness of a new product, promoting seasonal items, clearing excess inventory, or showcasing a best-selling item.

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