Electric Fly Swatter Racket Mosquito Killer

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  • When killing mosquitoes, it is necessary to push the side key upward to the working mode gear, and hold the large key at the same time, so that the power grid can be energized to start killing mosquitoes.
  • There is no current in the two layers of insulation protection net before and after the electric mosquito swatter to prevent accidental electric shock.
  • Middle layer fine grid, low current, and safe voltage. It is safe for the human body and strong voltage for mosquitoes and flies.
  • The Electric Fly Swat appearance design integrates the classical aesthetics and elegant temperament of Japanese fans, and also has an ergonomic surface design that feels close to the skin, making the user experience pleasant and comfortable.
  • The Mosquito Flies Zapper equipped with a high-power LED chip lamp, combined with the CD texture inside the crystal transparent lampshade, through the principle of optical lens, the LED light beam can be refracted, spread further, and wider.
  • In the dark environment, the irradiation distance is 5m, so it is not a problem to achieve rapid mosquito killing.

AED 24.00 AED 24.00

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Electric Fly Swatter Racket Mosquito Killer Bat Bug Zapper Pest Fly Catcher for Camping BBQ Indoor Outdoor Home Hotel (USB Rechargeable, White)
Recharge Battery: 1200mAH Lithium Battery
Metal Mesh Area: 62 sq.in
Product Specification: 19 x 8 x 1.2 inches

Why do you need to purchase one electric fly swatter?
– The ergonomic surface design and skin-friendly feel make it easy to use.
– In place of other harmful chemicals, This mosquito swatter does not have any safety risk to your family or the environment.
– Catching flies efficiently, makes you like the feeling of roasting the little flies, adds a bit of fun to an otherwise dreadful task!
– Save you from the mosquito bug pile and return you to a quiet and comfortable home.

What You Will Get:
1 x Electric Fly Swatter
1 x Fly Zapper USB charging cable


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Weight .50 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 15 cm

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Electric Fly Swatter Racket Mosquito Killer

Electric Fly Swatter Racket Mosquito Killer

AED 24.00 AED 24.00

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