SPS Compatible Toner Tn-3170_3280_580_650

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SPS Black TN3170 TN3280 580 650 Laser Toner Cartridge is Compatible for Brother & Lenovo 8860 8870 3550
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Important Highlights about SPS Laser Toners Cartridges
➧Filled with maximum ink capacity,save on printing costs excellent printing performance.
➧The right choice for your printer,to ensure that your machine keeps printing smoothly and clearly at all times.
➧All toner cartridges with a 100% pressure test deliver exceptional print results.
➧The user-friendly packaging design makes the use and installation of cartridges easy.
➧SPS Toners are made with the best quality German Technology & are also Certified under ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.
➧ Toner cartridges are new and are non-refillable.

Available in 4 Choices
SPS-DR-3100/580/650-1x Set_MNC
SPS-DR-3100/580/650-2x Set_MNC
SPS-DR-3100/580/650-3x Set_MNC
SPS-DR-3100/580/650-4x Set_MNC

Compatible Printer’s
Brother Printers
DCP 8060 DCP 8060DN DCP 8065DN
HL 3145 HL 5200 HL 5200Series HL5240 HL5240DN HL 5240DNLT HL 5240L HL 5240Series HL5250DN HL 5250DNHY HL 5250DNLT HL 5250Series HL 5270DN HL 5270DN2LT HL5270DNLT HL 5270Series HL 5280DW HL 5280DWLT
MFC 8460DN MFC 8460N MFC 8670DN MFC 8860DN MFC 8860N MFC 8870DW
LJ3500 LJ3500Series LJ 3550 M 7750N
DCP 8070D DCP 8080DN DCP 8085DN DCP 8800Series DCP 8880DN DCP8890DW
HL5300Series HL5340 HL5340D HL5340DL HL5340DN HL5340DN2LT HL 5340DNLT HL 5340DW HL 5340Series |HL 5350DN HL 5350DN2LT |HL 5350DNLT HL 5350series HL5370 HL5370DWT HL 5370Series HL 5370 W HL 5380 HL 5380D HL 5380DN HL 5380DN Praxis HL 5380DNLT HL 5380DW HL 5380DWLT HL 5380 Series
MFC 8370 DN MFC8380DLT MFC8380DN MFC8880DN MFC8885DN MFC8890DW
MFC8460DN MFC8460N MFC8670DN MFC8860DN MFC8860N MFC8870DW
LJ 3500 LJ 3500Series LJ 3550 M 7750N

Print Pages
SPS toner cartrages Print more pages with 5% covers of A4Page per black cartridge 7.000 pages.

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SPS Compatible Toner Tn-3170_3280_580_650

SPS Compatible Toner Tn-3170_3280_580_650

AED 99.00 AED 99.00

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