Xiaomi SCISHARE Mini Smart Automatic Capsule Coffee Machine

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Xiaomi SCISHARE Mini Capsule
Coffee Machine

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Xiaomi Mijia SCISHARE Coffee Machine Capsule Espresso Machine

Pod Coffee Maker Dolce gusto Nespresso powder multiple capsules

The coffee machine can use Nestle Nespresso and Starbucks Nespresso capsules. Please refer to the size.

Product parameters

Product name: capsule coffee machine
Product model: S1201 Product size: 330 * 85*215mm
Rated voltage: 220V-240V
Rated frequency: 50HZ Rated power: 1200W
Water tank capacity: 620ml
Pump pressure: 19BAR
Product implementation standards: Q / XX03-2019; GB4706.1-2005; GB4706.19-2008 common problem –

What are the advantages of capsule coffee machine?

1. The operation is simple, as long as you open the machine handle, put gelatin coffee, close the machine handle, you can quickly and fully take a cup of espresso coffee with one click.

2. It is easy to clean. Without the capsule, the machine closes the handle and frees up a glass of water to complete the cleaning work. -What are the advantages of Jiaoxiang Coffee?

1. The storage period is long, and the capsule coffee is sealed in a single package. It will not lose its freshness due to natural oxidation as the coffee beans are unpacked. The general freshness preservation period of coffee beans after unpacking is only 7 days.

2. Stable quality, the coffee powder in gelatinized coffee, using professional roasting and grinding equipment, can fully guarantee the stability of coffee roasting and grinding, and help users effectively cure their favorite coffee taste. -Can the coffee machine use any water? In order to guarantee the service life of the whole machine, I think it is recommended to use bottled or barreled pure water, and the water purified by the household water purifier can also be used. The use of pure water also has a definite effect on ensuring the taste of the coffee.

Note: Only water at room temperature can be added to the water tank of the coffee machine, not water, milk, or other liquids. -What is the first step after the coffee machine is received? When you receive the mini capsule coffee machine mini, please add pure water to the water tank, and then ensure that the power is turned on normally, press any button to turn on the power, after the preheating is completed, press the large cup button to empty a glass of water.

Note: When the coffee machine is warming up, the large and small cup lights will start flashing for about 25 seconds. -Is the coffee machine noisy during the production process? In the process of making coffee, the coffee machine has a decibel value of about 50. -How many cups of coffee can a capsule coffee make? Generally, the amount of coffee powder in a gelatin coffee is about 5.29, which can make a cup of espresso or a cup of ungo coffee.

Note: 5.29 coffee powder is not recommended for the transient extraction of coffee. -Can coffee machines make fancy coffee such as latte? I think the coffee extracted by the capsule coffee machine mini is pure espresso coffee. If you want to make fancy coffee such as a latte, you can configure the thought milk frother separately.

Note: The fancy coffee made in the cafe is also prepared with espresso coffee as the base. -How often do you want to clean the capsule coffee machine mini? If you haven’t used it for a long time, just leave the capsule coffee and perform an empty water process. After the coffee is usually made, open the handle to let the discarded capsules fall into the discarded capsule box and keep the coffee machine capsule free of gelatinizer The discarded capsule box and the accumulated water box can be washed in water and dried with a soft cloth.

Note: The maximum amount of waste plastic capsules in the waste capsule box is 6 capsules. It is recommended to remove and clean them in real-time. -Some new machines may have water stains and coffee stains In the production process of each coffee machine, in order to strictly control the quality of coffee extraction, it will boil water for many times, and use real capsule coffee for coffee extraction test, there may be some residues, which is normal.

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Xiaomi SCISHARE Mini Smart Automatic Capsule Coffee Machine

Xiaomi SCISHARE Mini Smart Automatic Capsule Coffee Machine

AED 599.00

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