Stores allow you to showcase your brand and products in an immersive shopping experience on Qonooz.

Why use Stores?

Create and customize a dedicated brand destination on Qonooz.

Build brand awareness on Qonooz

Help Qonooz shoppers learn your brand story and discover your product portfolio.

Design your Store—no coding necessary

Create a customized, multipage Store with rich media like images and video, without writing a line of code.

Get your own web address

Drive shoppers to your Store with ads on Qonooz and marketing activities outside of Qonooz using a unique, easy-to-remember Qonooz URL, such as

How advertisers can use Stores?

Stores allow you to create your own curated brand destination on Qonooz. For a new or emerging brand, this can be a great way to introduce your brand story to shoppers through custom text, image, and video.

Use dynamic content such as best sellers and recommended products to help shoppers explore your full product portfolio when they visit your Store. By making it easier for shoppers to discover more of your product offerings, you can create the opportunity for repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Your Store is an always-on destination, and you can drive traffic to it using both sponsored advertising and other marketing activities, such as social media and email. Use Sponsored Brands or display ad campaigns to send shoppers to your Store and engage them with a fully branded experience. Help create brand loyalty by sharing your Store on your social media accounts, letting shoppers know they can visit to see the latest from your brand on Qonooz.

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