Warranty Legal Terms and Conditions

This limited warranty is provided by Qonooz (Qonooz.com or Us or Company) to you as the original purchaser of the product(s) you purchased on selected products and in instances where we are considered the seller. We warrant the product to you against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer Use for one year from the date of that you received your product from Us.

If the product proves defective during the warranty period, and you follow the instructions that we will provide to you for returning the
product, we will, at our option, take one of the following actions: (i) replace the product with either a new or a refurbished product that is the same as or similar to the product you purchased; (ii) repair the product using either new or refurbished parts at our authorized repair center; or (iii) refund to you the purchase price of the product according to market price of the product.

There is no assurance, representation or warranty that any replacement product will be identical to or will offer the same functionalities as the product returned to Us. Technological advances and product availability may result in your receiving a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original product you purchased. In all cases, product comparability will be determined by Us at our sole discretion.

This limited warranty applies only to products purchased within the United Arab Emirates (the Territory). Replacement and repaired products or parts will only be shipped to addresses within the Territory, and refunds will only be credited to accounts located within the Territory.

This limited warranty applies only to hardware components of the product. This limited warranty applies to any replacement product or part, or to any repair, for the remainder of the original warranty period or for 90 days from the date that it was delivered to you, whichever period is longer. All parts and products that you return to Us and for which we give you a refund or replacement will become our or our affiliate property upon our receipt, and you agree that any unexpired part of this limited warranty on the replaced or refunded part or product also transfers to Us. Failure to ship the damaged part or product back to Us may result in your being charged for the replacement part or product at full retail price.

The warranty is valid only on the presence of serial no. of the product. The Company reserves the right to refuse warranty if this information has been removed or changed after the original purchase of the product from the dealer.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • Periodic checks, maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear replacement of consumables such as batteries, light bulbs, fuses, antennas, headphones microphones, cables and recording heads.
  • Abuse or neglect, misuse, including but not solely limited to the failure to Use this product for its normal purposes or in accordance with the Company instructions on Usage and maintenance.
  • Defects resulting from Usage of the product in conjunction with accessories that are not approved by the Company for Use with this product.
  • Failure of the product arising from incorrect installation or Use not consistent with the instructions and technical or safety standards prescribed in the product User manual. Accidents, acts of God, fire or other external causes, lightning, water, public disturbances, improper ventilation, voltage fluctuations or any cause beyond the control of the Company.
  • Unauthorized modifications, alterations, unauthorized Use, commercial Use or repairs carried out to the product in order to comply with local or international technical standards in countries for which this the Company’s product was not originally designed.
  • Damage of the battery caused by overcharging or failure to Use in accordance with the specific instructions of core outlined in the product User manual. The serial no. on the product has been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible.
  • The batteries are charged by chargers other than those approved by Manufacturer. Any of the seals on the battery enclosure or cells are broken or show evidence of tampering.
  • This limited warranty is not transferable to any subsequent purchaser or recipient of the product.
  • This warranty will be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy and neither the Company nor its authorized service centers shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or breach of any express or implied warranty of this product.

DISCLAIMER: The Company shall not be liable for the loss of any saved/stored data in products that are either repaired or replaced.

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