Managing Your Returns

Qonooz gives the customers the option to return purchased items. Any order that has been shipped, falls within the returnable categories and is within the 14 days’ limit from the date of delivery, can be filed for return.

Below are some important questions which will help improve your understanding of Qonooz return process which will help you streamline operations within your business. 

What are my options for handling returns?

Once a return is requested by customer, it will need to pass the Quality Control check to ensure that the item is in a sellable condition. Once passed, it will then be transferred to FBQ or Fulfilled by Qonooz for future sale. You may request to return the item back by contact Qonooz Seller Satisfaction Team.

What happens to my returned units which fails the Quality Check?

If the unit or packaging was damaged by the customer and fails the Quality Check, we will ensure that we pay you back for the item. This is part of our Seller Protection Policy.

In case you are unhappy with a return, you may also raise a dispute claim with us and we can look into the situation for you. Please contact seller support at [email protected]

How will Qonooz communicate return sales to me ?

When items are returned after shipping out, Qonooz will notify you through your Seller Hub account & on your email.

How can I view the reports of my returned items?

Reports can be viewed from the Reports Section of your Seller Hub Account.

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