Monitoring your inventory & orders with Qonooz


For a quick overview of real time inventory that is ready for sale, the products page is the best place for you to go.

You will see the list of your products with the numbers of items available in stock. Please note that the platform is build with Stock Management System in place so out of stock items are automatically removed from the website without prior notice. Therefore, you are encouraged to update your stock quantity whenever your item runs out of stock. Always ensure that your stock quantity is accurate to better ensure the deliverability of your product to your customers.

For logical reasons, any order made (with quantities considered) by a customer will automatically decrease the stock quantity based on the customer’s order. The same goes with returns, any return made by the customer will automatically increase the stock quantity with the returned merchandise.

Checking your live inventory from the product overview page 

The products page contains your current live stock levels that are shared with Qonooz Platform.

The stock level you see here is composed exclusively of salable units.

You will be receiving an automated email once your product sells.

You will be contacted by Qonooz Seller Team for order confirmation for which you need to confirm within one day. Any delays might cause you to lose the sale.

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